Strange and Unbelievable inventions you just need to see

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  1.  Grove

Still dreaming about growing your own fruits and vegetables in your city apartment? Now your dream is made real artificial ecosystem Grove composed of a fish tank and a small vegetable patch uses fish waste products to grow fresh, healthy produce all year round. Grove resembles wooden cabinets with an inbuilt automated system. The system is based upon a highly advanced agricultural method called aquaponics.

Fish produce ammonia-rich waste, beneficial microbes converted to nitrates, which in turn act as an organic plant fertilizer. The system is independent and auto sufficient, the plants receive all necessary nutrients and the water gets clean through constant circulation. In this fashion, fish and plants do complimentary jobs and there’s no need for you to clean the tank.

The temperature and humidity sensors and special LED lights imitating daylight create perfect conditions for the optimal growth of your plants. It’s important to keep a close eye on the device settings for that purpose. its creators also designed and applied Grove OS which will empower you to control the whole process from seeding and choosing your pet fish to harvest. It seems hard to believe but it takes no more than a month and a half before you can taste nutrient-rich fresh fruits and vegetables from your own home patch.

  1. Free your feet

To do active sports and feel the ground as if you are barefoot. It’s made possible by a group of Swiss inventors free your feet. What at first glance looks like a pair of woolen socks knitted by a grandma is actually made of a highly resistant material called Dyneema. The fiber of this innovative material is 15 times stronger than steel and extremely abrasion-resistant. The socks protect the person wearing them against twigs, rocks, and other small sharp objects.

Despite its tough qualities, the material is lightweight and soft, gives you the feeling of walking barefoot, but the soles of your feet won’t get sore no matter how long you walk or do sports. Small grip dots on the soles guarantee firm grip with any surface you step on. Don’t worry about your feet getting wet thanks to our waterproof fabric with free your feet, you’ll be able to run windsurf or rock climb without having to focus on heavy, bulky shoes.

And if you enjoy playing volleyball or badminton on the beach, these miracle socks will also protect your feet from a white-hot sand

  3. Cable hive

Simplicity is the trademark of genius. There’s no better way to describe the invention called the cable hive. A cable hive, which looks like a honeycomb grid filled with cables was designed to solve a universal problem of humanity concerning the storage of countless cords and cables.

With cable hive, you’ll no longer lose your cable so we’ll have to disentangle them. Each compartment and this ingenious device is meant to hold one charger, one power cord pair of earphones, and whatnot. The Hive can be mounted up a wall placed on top of a table or even forced inside a larger box. Depending on your storage needs. You can get a model with either 39 small or 20 larger hexagonal shells.

The first one will fit small charges in USB cables while the latter one is perfect for storing larger cables if your home entertainment systems Oh guitar.

    4.  Coros Linx

Bicycle riding is the most common outdoor activity enjoyed by people of all ages. As we ride we want to stay connected to our friends to our job or perhaps listen to music or news smart cycling helmet coros Linx as a wirelessly integrated bone conduction audio system and a remote control apt for installation on a handlebar. Precision bone conduction audio delivers sound waves directly to air drums through the bones of our skull. The external acoustic duct stays unobstructed, which means you’ll always hear a signaling car and other traffic sounds.

Coros linx helmets allow you to answer incoming calls, listen to music, receive voice navigation data, and quickly call for help in case of an emergency. The only thing you have to do is download an app on your smartphone and synchronize it with the helmet via Bluetooth received voice navigation prompts and rides statistics like speed, distance, calories burned, and more.

Externally coros Linx is no different from any other helmet is lightweight, durable,e and comfortable to wear. But most importantly, it saves your time and allows you to stay connected with no earbuds or distractions from the road.


        5. Mayku form box

Form box designed by My cue group is a machine that gives you the freedom to create your own unique designs. This unusual desktop vacuum former preheats the material, and then drawing suction from a vacuum cleaner pulls the material over the templates. Now you can fill a resulting plastic mold with anything jelly plastic chocolate you name it.

This machine allows you to create your own pieces of art in a matter of seconds. Just follow these simple steps. Switch on the heater to warm up the material. Choose a template and place it on the form box bed. Switch on the vacuum and watch our soft warm plastic material takes the shape of the template. The plastic itself may become a final design.

With form box, you can create phone cases, lampshades, custom packages, and more. The whole process takes about 20 seconds. The most important part is the choice of their compatible material. The most common ones are a krill and the stuff and Lego is made from a standard form box kit which includes 30 different thermoplastic sheets so you can choose the ones that suit your creative needs.


       6. Rescue me balloon

Imagine you’re lost in the woods or drifting on a life raft. You may fire a flare if you’re lucky to have one but it will only last for 10 or 15 minutes. The emergency signaling balloon is the most cost-efficient reliable and longest-lastingway to ask for help.

The rescue me balloon is an emergency apparatus that places a signaling balloon on a string tether 150 feet above the person in distress. Below the large orange balloon is an LED light that flashes the SOS signal. Essentially, it’s a flare that lasts for days and is clearly visible for miles during the day and night.

This whole system fits inside a pocket-size capsule that’s lightweight and can be clipped onto life vests and stored inside cars. Inside the capsule is a small helium tank attached to a folded balloon. One twist and the balloon will get inflated and fly to the skies potentially saving your life.

       7. Wiwe

Stroke is the second leading cause of death in the world. High cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and stress are among the factors that contribute to the risk of stroke. Wiwe is a pocket device that evaluates your ECG recordings to access the chances of stroke and sudden cardiac arrest. It only takes 60 seconds to record your ECG.

It also includes a pedometer and a blood oxygen measuring function to help users get a more comprehensive picture of their overall health. A multi sensor easy to use device collects various data and transmits it onto the screen of your smartphone.

The algorithm behind the wiwe technology is over 98% accurate. You can also send the recordings you take it home or basically any way to a family member or a doctor. Having the size of a credit card. This device can sally if there’s something you should deal with now.


   8.   Prynt

Prynt is the first smartphone case that lets you instantly print pictures. Show your moments with friends or family in a more tangible way. The device is very easy to use. Attach your smartphone to the print case, press the shutter button to take a picture followed by a five-second video clip, and get a printed photo in your hands.

Print sort of locks a short clip within each photo uploading it into the cloud. After the picture has been printed. Your friends can use the app to replay a hidden message. Seeing the piece of paper transforming into a moving image is truly like witnessing a magic trick. Prynt case comes with 10 sheets of Zink paper which you can purchase through the application.

Prynt is portable, lightweight and fun. Take it with you on the go and never miss a moment.


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